Spring 2018 Locations

  • Battery Park
  • Central Park
  • Hudson River Park

What is Forest Therapy?

The scientifically backed Japanese tradition of "forest bathing" that has been shown to improve physical and mental health.

So really, what is Forest Therapy?

At its core, Forest Therapy is a slow, guided, mindful walk near trees that has the proven ability to improve your health. During Treebath’s Forest Therapy sessions, Treebath’s Certified Guides lead you through a series of invitations to help you slow down, awaken your senses, and connect with the forest in a deeply personal way. In the tranquility of nature, some participants experience the pleasure of stillness and quiet, and their journey through the forest leads them back to their true self.

What Forest Therapy is not.

Forest Therapy is not a strenuous hike. Nor is it an exercise class where your pulse increases. You will not likely improve your abs. We also do not teach scientific names of animals, plants or trees. We leave that to zoologists, botanists and arborists.