Jill Goldin

What’s the most outrageous things Jill ever ate?

“A cricket, and alligator.”

Outdoor Nature Teacher
B.F.A. Art Education, Children’s Librarian, Horticulturalist

As a Reggio Emilia Early Childhood Educator, Jill is constantly striving to grow, learn and evolve in her respect for the complexity and beauty of the natural world, and for the intelligence and creativity of young children who work and live within its learning opportunities.

 Jill believes that children flourish when they are challenged and supported by discovering relationships between themselves and the natural environment. Play in outdoor environments helps children connect with the nature, by imagining what life must be like for another being and observing the interconnectedness of all living things. Jill wishes to encourage these values as she feels strongly such sentiments are the root of establishing children’s deep connection to the natural world and a strong sense of children’s place in it.

 Jill is certified in Pediatric First Aid/CPR & AED.