Kira Skadsen

Outdoor Nature Teacher

Kira has been working with children as long as she can remember and has loved every second of it.   Kira strives to see the world through children's eyes, in all its beauty. After completing her studies at Obridge Academy, Kira graduated at the top of her class at Stella Adler Studio Of Acting on a full scholarship. When not teaching Treebath’s Explorers, Kira can be found “clowning” around as an outstanding children's entertainer at the biggest children's entertainment company in New York State,

When asked about what inspired her passion for working with children, Kira refers to a passage she once read that deeply moved her: "Have you ever noticed how it is healing and nurturing to be around little kids? You know why? Because you are not being judged. Children see you as being you, with no point of view. You actually allow yourself to be you with no judgment."In being around  children, Kira feels a sense of bravery and acceptance. She strives to pass this feeling on to others so as adults, we may view each other with open eyes and hearts.  

Kira is certified in Pediatric First Aid & CPR.