Lauren Spinabelli

If Lauren could grow anything in her yard, what would it be?

“A mango tree, a beanstalk taller than Jack's, and a whole lot of potatoes.”

Outdoor Nature Teacher
M.S. English & Creative Writing

Lauren is an art and outdoor educator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Penn State with a master's degree in English with a focus in creative writing. Lauren spent five summers as a camp counselor for a teen wilderness camp. During her time as a counselor, Lauren led week-long camping and canoe trips down the Allegheny River, guided wilderness hikes, taught fire-building, helped campers navigate team-building exercises and scavenger hunts, and supervised outdoor activities including rock climbing and zip lining.

When not teaching, Lauren loves watercolors, hammocking, campfires, and trees. 

Lauren is certified in Pediatric First Aid/CPR & AED.