Lee Renshaw

Craziest thing Lee’s ever eaten?

“I ate a live lady beetle larva when I was 6 and a big grasshopper I caught while in graduate school. I definitely recommend the grasshopper, if you're choosing between the two. Lady beetles taste just as bad as they smell.”

Outdoor Nature Teacher
M.S. Environmental Education

From his time exploring every inch of the backyard woods and ponds in his formative years in Texas, to his current career as an environmental educator in New York City, Lee has come to realize how fortunate he is to have grown up in a natural setting. Lee is excited to pass on the lessons he learned during his childhood to children growing up today in a world where such natural experiences have become increasingly rare. Lee stands by the belief that humans must move our society to become more sustainable, so as to live and grow alongside nature. Lee considers it essential that children learn to feel respect for the natural world and connect with it -- for the sake of our future.

Born in Plano, TX, the stomping grounds of Lee's youth are the piney woods of northeast Texas about two hours east of Dallas in Mill Grove, a small and rural community. At the age of thirteen, Lee moved with his mother to Plano and later attended DePauw University in Greencastle, IN where earned a Bachelors Degree in Biology. Lee went on to receive a Masters Degree in Environmental Education (EE) at Goshen College in Goshen, IN.  

When not teaching, Lee enjoys cooking, weightlifting and hiking. Lee is certified in Swift-Water Rescue, and Wilderness First-Aid training, is certified in basic First Aid and CPR and life-guard training.