Maddy Wingerath

Craziest thing Maddy’s ever eaten?

“Alligator bites!”

Outdoor Nature Teacher
M.S. Early Education, Special Education Generalist

Growing up in Bergen County New Jersey, Maddy always wanted to be outside. She spent many hours in her imaginary tree house, her trampoline, and playing hide and seek in the bushes. When she visited Ithaca College, she just could not believe that there was a degree called Outdoor Education. As a degree requirement, Maddy spent four months in the wilderness kayaking, climbing, rafting, and mountaineering, and learning the skills to be a wilderness leader. 

After moving to Brooklyn, Maddy was accepted into the NYC Teaching Fellows, became a special education teacher in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and received her Masters’ in Education from Brooklyn College. After all of this, Maddy realized her passion is to inspire youth about themselves and the natural world around them.

 She feels strongly that experiential learning is the perfect balance between integrating the mind and the body. When this is accessed early in life, it positions children for a more balanced and fulfilling life experience. Maddy LOVES hiking, trail running, kayaking, setting up her hammock in the park, and playing ukulele with her friends. When describing her wilderness philosophies, Maddy explains “wilderness can be found somewhere deep inside of me, not somewhere deep inside the woods. I know I have found it when I act like a child, lose track of time, or even forget where I am or what I am doing. There is no conscious thinking involved, only doing. In my wilderness, I feel free to just be me.”

Maddy is certified in Pediatric First Aid & CPR.