An Outdoor Holiday Season

As the winter holidays approach, we might be finding ourselves spending more and more time indoors with the drop in temperatures outside. During this time of year, though, there are so many fun and exciting ways to spend time in nature! Here are some of our favorite ways to spend some quality time in the elements with the people we love.

Pine Cone Weaving

One of our favorite ways to make use of the natural resources around us is to make ornaments! You can go out into the yard and collect pine cones (which can be used for various types of crafts!). Using yarn, pipe cleaners, or ribbons, have your kids practice different methods of weaving on the pinecones! This not only is a great motor skill activity, but this simple decoration method creates some beautiful ornaments! Check out this blog for more ornament crafts that use natural resources.


Photo courtesy of Owlicious

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

A festive treasure hunt! Hide a few ornaments or other holiday items around the yard or throughout the neighborhood, and send everyone off to find them. You can even choose a prize to give to the individual who finds the most!


Take the kids outside for a walk, gathering pine cones, evergreen branches, and other natural materials along the way. Using a foam or wire ring (you could even use a bent coat-hanger!), attach the materials you collected, then allow the kids to decorate the rest with ornaments and bows.


Photo courtesy of Our State Magazine

Capture the Flag

Although a kid favorite, Capture the Flag can be enjoyed by family members of all ages. It’s a simple game, but a fun way to have some friendly competition (and kill time while the food is still cooking)!

Oskar Elmgart