How to turn kids screen time into green time?

Outdoor Play.jpg

Continuing on last post’s theme, screen time…what can we as parents do to convert that screen time to green time and get the kids outdoors?

Unfortunately, the time spent outdoors by American Children is in decline. Is it the natural fear of weather? Funnily enough I am often met with excuses from parents that it is too hot, too cold, too humid etc. As a Swede growing up in Sweden we were taught that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing (and lack of preparation). By bringing children outside, regardless of weather they get to experience nature as it is, and it fosters a habit of being prepared and taking responsibility, planning ahead.

Spending time outdoors and taking part in fun activities carries numerous benefits. There was a great article in The Washington Post by Collin O’Mara who is the president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation mentioning the benefits of active play outdoors.

Kids do not spend nearly enough time outside. Here’s how (and why) to change that.

Simple steps to take as a parent is to begin spending time outdoors with your children. At this time of year there are so many things the kids can explore without even having an adult hovering on top of them. Children have an imagination far superior to us adults and by just being outside is a great first step. I assure you the kids will not want to get back inside. Have a great start to the summer!

Oskar Elmgart