Vitamin N (N for Nature) and Children - recommended book

We love that Vitamin N (for “nature”) provides readers with simple and accessible ways that adults and children can reconnect with nature. Vitamin N is a comprehensive and practical handbook that readers of Richard Louv's Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle have been looking for. This is the perfect children’s book for parents who value spending time outdoors and recognize that that spending time in nature is imperative to health of our children.  We agree with Publishers Weekly, who describes the book as: 

N for nature.jpg

“Louv (The Nature Principle) proclaims the many advantages of reconnecting with nature, both for children and adults, in an insightful and practical guide chock full of inspirational advice. For support, he points to studies that have found many potential benefits of spending time outdoors, such as reduced symptoms of ADHD, alleviation of anxiety and depression, decreased obesity, and improved immune system functioning. Many physicians are on board and some are even prescribing nature time for their patients, but Louv sees parents as the most essential factor. For them, he offers up this book as a companion to his previous work, listing more than 500 ways to incorporate nature into everyday life. Suggestions range from the most basic, such as hiking or building sand castles, to more adventurous activities, such as camping or horse riding. Louv includes a superb chapter on building resilience and the importance of taking small, manageable risks; this section is a must-read for all parents. He also includes suggestions for grandparents, advice on how to “create your own nature gym,” and ideas for building nature-rich classrooms and communities. Issuing an imperative that everyone should heed, this important new book provides the tools to reclaim the wonders and health benefits of nature.”

Oskar Elmgart