Skylar Hamrick

Skylars Proudest Achievement?

Skylar hiked the whole Appalachian Trail!

Outdoor Nature Teacher
M.S. Children’s Education

Skylar believes that childhood is a beautiful and significant period of time marked by calls to curiosity, wonder, innovation, and inspired exploration. As an educator, she cherishes opportunities to work and play with children during this extraordinary time. Through her work, Skylar seeks to inspire and encourage children to develop their own curiosity about the world around them, while also empowering them to maintain the role of active participant in their own educational experiences.

Originally from Northern New Jersey, Skylar earned her Master’s in Children’s Education from Sarah Lawrence College and is a professionally licensed and certified teacher of early childhood and elementary education in New York State. In 2018, Skylar independently completed a 2,190 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia in 6 months. She returns to the tri-state area with an inspired passion for connecting children with the nature that is always around them – even in the hustle and bustle environment of a great concrete jungle!

With a keen awareness of the great many benefits of time spent outdoors, Skylar believes that nature can provide an invaluable context for many forms of learning across all subjects. She writes, “I feel that explorations of or within the natural world provide a depth of experience that, perhaps, cannot be replicated elsewhere. I sense children are growing increasingly disconnected from the natural world, and one of my goals as an educator of children is to inspire connections and spark interests that can enable them to commune with, learn from, and cultivate a respectful appreciation for the nature that surrounds them.”

Skylar is certified in basic First Aid & CPR and a licensed New York State Teacher.