“Excellent way to lower my stress level.”

The walk was very relaxing! My work is very demanding and stressful, so forcing myself to relax and forget my work responsibilities even for a few hours was incredible. What an excellent way to lower my stress level

— E.M


My class was fun because we got to find and touch shiny, glittery rocks! And we got to look for special leaves. They were green, brown, and red. I liked being with my friends from school playing outside!

  — Ella, 5

“Come and try this experience! More people should be aware of this way of thinking about the world around us.”

— M.L., 46


“My experience was so emotional!”

I had no goals when I began my Forest Therapy walk, but my experience was so emotional. After the walk, I felt peace and a connection with nature.

— N.E.

“We saw worms!”

My class was on a rainy day. The ground was mushy and slimy, so we saw lots of worms and looked at them in our magnifying cups! I loved stomping in mud too!

— Jake, 5

“My walk exceeded my expectations. I came on the Forest Therapy walk to be connected with the earth and learn about how I can enjoy nature. It exceeded my expectations. It was very enlightening and taught me to be more in tune with the my natural surroundings.”

 — D.M.


The above reviews are actual testimonials from participants in our programs given in NYC and during ANFT training sessions.