Our Favorite Nature Inspired Valentines' Day Activities


We love encouraging our Explorers to celebrate love and practice kindness. While Valentines’ Day has become more about candy overload and plastic trinkets, we’ve gathered our top three nature inspired ways to celebrate that are sure to please. These activities are all outdoors, and are open-ended to give any Explorer the room to be creative and discover, just the way the like.

Find Your Heart in Nature

How many hearts can you spot in nature? Whatever climate you live in, if you open your eyes wide and look slowly, you’ll notice that hearts surround us everywhere. You can share your own hearts and add them to Slowfamilyonline’s Hearts in Nature Album. 

Heart Rocks: A random act of kindness.

Heart rocks are easy to make and fun to give away. Color Me Katie and GoExploreNature inspired this nature-based random act of kindness. Paint or color a heart on a rock and leave your heart rocks outside somewhere “hidden”— to be discovered later by some lucky passerby to brighten their day.  (Be sure to use paint or markers that are nature-safe!)

Create Your Own Nature HeART.

What exactly is nature art? Nature art can be many things, with the only real rule that it be inspired by nature. For Valentines’ Day, we love making heart-art out of twigs, grass, or leaves - like Rain or Shine Mamma and Muddle Puddle to Meteors.