The outdoor team

Treebath Forest Therapists, Guides, and Teachers

All of our guides and teachers meet the highest standards in various disciplines including forest therapy, horticultural therapy, shinrin-yoku, environmental education, autism education, and wilderness medicine. They have been trained in first aid and CPR and know how to make even the most timid nature enthusiasts feel safe. They understand that each person’s connection to nature is deeply personal, and lead adults and children in their own unique journey.


Skylar Hamrick-Nature Teacher

Children’s Programs, NYC
NY State Licensed Teacher & Appalachian Trail Veteran

Skylar believes that childhood is a beautiful and significant period of time marked by calls to curiosity, wonder, innovation, and inspired exploration.  As an educator, she cherishes opportunities to work and play with children during this extraordinary time.  Through her work, Skylar seeks to inspire and encourage children to develop their own curiosity about the world around them, while also empowering them to maintain the role of active participant in their own educational experiences.

Originally from Northern New Jersey, Skylar earned her Master’s in Children’s Education from Sarah Lawrence College and is a professionally licensed and certified teacher of early childhood and elementary education in New York State.  In 2018, Skylar independently completed a 2,190 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia in 6 months.  She returns to the tri-state area with an inspired passion for connecting children with the nature that is always around them – even in the hustle and bustle environment of a great concrete jungle!

With a keen awareness of the great many benefits of time spent outdoors, Skylar believes that nature can provide an invaluable context for many forms of learning across all subjects.  She writes, “I feel that explorations of or within the natural world provide a depth of experience that, perhaps, cannot be replicated elsewhere.  I sense children are growing increasingly disconnected from the natural world, and one of my goals as an educator of children is to inspire connections and spark interests that can enable them to commune with, learn from, and cultivate a respectful appreciation for the nature that surrounds them.”

Lee Renshaw- Nature Teacher

Children’s Programs, NYC
M.S. Environmental Education

From his time exploring every inch of the backyard woods and ponds in his formative years in Texas, to his current career as an environmental educator in New York City, Lee has come to realize how fortunate he is to have grown up in a natural setting.  Lee is excited to pass on the lessons he learned during his childhood to children growing up today in a world where such natural experiences have become increasingly rare.  Lee stands by the belief that humans must move our society to become more sustainable, so as to live and grow alongside nature.  Lee considers it essential that children learn to feel respect for the natural world and connect with it -- for the sake of our future.

Born in Plano, TX, the stomping grounds of Lee's youth are the piney woods of northeast Texas about two hours east of Dallas in Mill Grove, a small and rural community.  At the age of thirteen, Lee moved with his mother to Plano and later attended DePauw University in Greencastle, IN where earned a Bachelors Degree in Biology.   Lee went on to receive a Masters Degree in Environmental Education (EE) at Goshen College in Goshen, IN.  

When not teaching, Lee enjoys cooking, weightlifting and hiking.  Lee is certified in Swift-Water Rescue, and Wilderness First-Aid training, is certified in basic First Aid and CPR and life-guard training.


Sharon Lohse-Forest Therapist

Adult Forest Therapy, NY & NJ
M.S. Mental Health & Bioethics, Registered Nurse,
ANFT Guide & Certificate in Horticultural Therapy

Sharon brings people and plants together for health and happiness. Upon retiring from her career as a psychiatric nurse, Sharon decided to focus on her true passion - plants and flowers. Sharon turned her yard into a horticultural masterpiece. She went on to enter the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society’s annual garden contest where she won the Garden of Distinction Award.

In the process of creating her garden, Sharon discovered how happy people felt after walking her garden trail. She began sharing photographs of her garden with friends and family, some who whom were battling cancer and serious illnesses. The experience of encouraging people with pictures of nature led Sharon to the Delaware Valley University, where she learned about Horticulture as a science and how to incorporate nature and plants into the lives of special populations in order to improve their health and spirits.  

Sharon is now comfortable with providing horticultural therapy to people of all ages and levels of illness, including depression and anxiety. Sharon is also certified as an ANFT Guide.


Denise Taddonio-Nature Teacher

Children’s Programs, Brooklyn
NY State Licensed Teacher & Certified Autism Specialist

Denise grew up with a fascination for nature from a young age.  Denise believes that children are wired to be explorers who hold the power of their discoveries for their use in the world of their own future.  Denise considers it our responsibility to nurture children’s innate abilities, allow them the freedom of extracting information from their experiences with nature, and to provide them with opportunities to form a deeper understanding of the people and things that compose the natural world, that we all share.

Knowing that learning never stops, Denise continues her own explorations by partnering with children and guiding them in multi-sensory explorations of our physical world.  “It is nature that really fires things up to make sense of our world.”

Originally from New York City, Denise graduated from Marymount College with a degree in foreign languages. Denise continued her professional studies at Brooklyn College focusing on educational theory and neurodevelopmental diversity. She believes her early interest in foreign languages was the portal through which she continues her lifelong focus on the complexities of thinking and learning. In her spare time, Denise continues her language and naturalist studies, forages in forests, struggles with gardening in Zone 3b, develops wilderness sculptures and forest discovery walks, and thinks about and plans new opportunities for children and their families to deepen their connections with nature and each other.

Denise is a certified Autism Specialist, Certified Autism Travel Professional and holds a N.Y. State Teaching License.


Robyn Moore- Nature Teacher

Children’s Programs, NYC
M.S. Environmental Education
B.S. Horticultural Science

Robyn believes in nurturing children via the natural world, as it is only in the natural world is where we are able to truly develop our independent selves— emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Robyn, a graduate of the University of Florida with a Horticultural Sciences degree, grew up in St. Augustine, Florida.  Robyn continued her professional studies at the University of Florida, focusing on Sustainability and the Environment.  Robyn spends her time reading, cooking, traveling, and learning new skills.  Robyn is certified in Infant, Child and Adult CPR as well as basic First Aid.  


Michael Cunningham-Nature Teacher

Children’s Programs, Queens
M.L.S. Educational Theatre & Certificate in Biodynamic Farming

Michael is an educator with a thirst for knowledge and long time love of nature. Currently a school librarian, Michael received training in Waldorf education from the Sunbridge Institute and is currently completing a certificate in biodynamic farming. Michael is certified to teach yoga to both children and adults. Michael loves spending time outdoors, especially with his wife and son.